Since a foundation of 2003, Lifecome has been devoting his efforts to the development of bacitracin products, not only manufacture but also registration and marketing. As a result, Lifecome builds up worldwide reputation and a lead standing in bacitracin series of products.

Through the vast experiences in success of bacitracin, Lifecome holds a strong competence in the development of microbial fermentation based products, especially antimicrobial peptides, which have unique advantages like less occurrence of resistant pathogens. Based on accumulated expertises, the goal of Lifecome is to be a leader in the animal gut health sector.

Core Competences

- Strain improvement platform through classical mutation, protoplast fusion, and DNA recombination techniques using plasmids, phages and transposons.

- Fermentation scale-up technique using variety pilot scale bioreactors.

- Optimization technology of microbial fermentation, e.g., Bacillus, Streptomyces, and Fungi.

- Purification and analysis technology of anti-microbial peptides including impurity profiling.

- Particle technology, ranging from micro to macro particulates, of actives and medicate feed additives.

Major Facilities

- State-of-the-art full ranged bioreactors, e.g., 5, 30, 200, 2,000, and 22,000L bioreactors.

- Pilot purification system including membrane filtration, adsorption/ion-exchange column, spray dryer, micronizer and compactor.

- Variety analytical instruments to monitor the process e.g., HPLC, AAS, and microbiological assay system.

  • Address:No. 19,Nanpu Ecological Industrial Park,

    Pucheng,Fujian, China

  • Tel:0599-2846588

  • Email:sales@pclifecome.com

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