Bacillus subtilis (Spore count: 2x100)


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    Bacillus subtilis (Spore count: 2x100) is a probiotic (powder) containing not less than 2.0×1010CFU of viable spores of Bacillus subtilisin 1 g of product. The product maintains healthy microflora in animal gut mainly through increasing digestibility and providing nutrients (i.e., vitamins, short chain fatty acid) as well. Bacillus subtilis (Spore count: 2x100) is used for manufacturing complete feeds for broilers, laying hens, pigs, ruminants and aquatic animals.


               Grayish white flowable powder with calcium carbonate carrier

               Guaranteed spore counts / g of product: Min. 2.0 x1010

               No other contaminants in product

               Non-genetically modified organism (GMO) and identified through DNA level

    Indications for Use

               Reduction of problems at weaning period, e.g.,frequent diarrhea, low feed intake and nutrient absorption due to reduction of villi height

               Promotion of animal growth mainly due to gut flora improvement

               Improvement of animals’ immunity and disease resistance

               Increase of the feed conversion rate

               Increase of egg weight and production

    Additional Benefits

               Application to any pelletizing process (up to 95°C) without loss of activity due to aexcellent heat stability of endospores

               Delivery of actives (spore) to the gut of animal without loss due to its inherent  to lerance of spore to gastric juice

               Reduction of antibiotic usage and promoting animal welfare

               Improvement of digestibility by producing enzymes


    Recommended Dosage *

    For all species, in general, spore count of 8.0 x 109CFU per kg of complete feed (400 g of Bacillus subtilis (Spore count: 2x100)/ ton of feed) is recommended. To lessen problems at weaning period of piglet, dosage level can be increased up to 2.5 times the normal usage level.

    Human and Animal Safety

               Direct-fed microorganism recognized as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)

               No production of haemolytic factors and clostridial toxins

               No contamination of harmful microorganism


    Environmental issues

               No disturbance of ecosystem of soil environment 

               Purifying effects of aquaculture waterby removing hydrogen sulfide(H2S) and nitrite(NO2) from water

               Improvement of litter quality, e.g.,decrease of NHconcentration, higher dry-matter content of ca.5%.

                Better fly control due to drier manure


    Compatibility with other drugs

              Synergic effects with anti-coccidiostats and many medicated drugs



               Bacillus subtilis (Spore count: 2x100) is marketed by Lifecome Biochemistry Co. with 25 kg multi-wall bag.


    Other Information

              Self-life is 24 months from the date of manufacture

              Protect contents from humidity after opening, store in a dry and cool place

              Ware a facemask to avoid inhalation of dust


    *Specific claims vary by country. Please contact Lifecome Biochemistry Co. representative or distributor for more information.

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