Colistin Sulfate 10% Granule

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    Colistin Sulfate 10% Granuleis a granulated premix containing 100 g (activity) of colistinper 1 kg of product. Colistin Sulfate 10% Granuleis used for manufacturing complete feeds for broilers, laying hen, swineand cattle.

    Indications for Use

               Reduction of early mortality in chicks and piglets

               Prevention and treatment of diseases caused by sensitive bacteria in variety species, including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and rabbits,e.g.Pseudomonas, Salmonellaand Escherichia coli

               Treatment of digestive disease caused by Escherichia coliand Salmonella spp. in cattle, swine and poultry

    Additional Benefits

              Promotion of growthand egg / milk production

               Protection of health of handling people due to practically dust free granule

    Recommended Dosage*



    Colistin Sulfate 10% Granule
    (g per ton of feed)

    Colistin in feed (mg/kg)

    Piglets, Chickens, Cattle

    Prevention intestines disease caused by gram-negative bacteria

    Certain growth promotion effect.



    Swine, Chickens,


    Treatment intestines disease caused by gram-negative bacteria

    750 -1,000


    Human and Animal Safety

               No toxic found at 10 times the highest approved level

               Poorly absorption by oral administration by animals

    Compatibility with other drugs

              Synergistic effect with a variety of antimicrobial agents, e.g.,macrolides, tetracyclines, andbacitracin

              Compatible with antidiarrhoeal agents (e.g.,N-butyl scopolamine, kaolin) and viatamins

              No antagonism effect with other antibiotics and anti-coccidiostats during oral administration


               Colistin Sulfate 10% Granule25kg per bag is marketed by Lifecome Biochemistry Co. with multi-wall bag.

               As requested, LifeCOLB™ 10% Granule, which is a new product containing biomass, is available.

    Other Information

              Self-life is 24 months from the date of manufacture

              Protect contents from humidity after opening, store in a dry and cool place

              Use in dry feedonly

              Under the regulation of each country, veterinarian supervision may be required

    * Specific claims vary by country. Please contact Lifecome Biochemistry Co. representative ordistributor for more information.

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