Delivering hope and creating health
    Green means sprout, vitality and hope, combined with the word “Lifecome” can reflect that Lifecome Biochemistry will always commit to the microbial manufacturing field, and the safe and efficient development of livestock industry. The company will continuously expand broader development space to create more benefits for clients and society.
  • Model

    Connecting each other by heart & Harmonious coexistence
    The whole LOGO is two pieces of green leaves connected with each other. The bigger one is a symbol of customers and society, while the smaller one stands for Lifecome. The two closely interlinked leaves embody Lifecome’s enterprise philosophy, that is, “Focus on customers, Cares about society, and harmonious coexistence.”
  • Idea

    Interaction and win for the sake of flourishing
    The flow of the veins is the reflection of Lifecome people’s ceaseless struggle spirit; the embodiment of the win-win situation, result sharing and harmonious well-being with customers, shareholders and society; and the symbol of the endless strength of growing upward. It also symbolizes that Lifecome aims to be a long-standing and century-old enterprise with a mission of “make foundations for happiness of stakeholders, and make platforms for development of husbandry”.
Vision: Focus on microbial manufacturing, to be the leader in its core business.

Explanation: Lifecome always focus on microbial additive industry since its establishment in 2003. The products were made by microbial fermentation and extraction. In order to enhance the competitiveness of its core business, a high-level technical team has been set up to focus on the research and development of microbial products. Lifecome intends to make its technology, quality and market share of microbial products into the international standard by technical innovation and improvement. If this goal could be achieved in 2020, the market share of the Bacitracin products will be the top one in the world and top three for Colistin Sulfate products. And the technical indicator will be in the international advanced level.

Mission: To make foundations for happiness of stakeholders, and make platforms for development of husbandry.

Explanation: Lifecome provides the most sincere service to customers, and determines to pursue every customer’s satisfaction. Focus on understanding customer needs and provides products supported with efficient technical and marketing resources to get customers succeed in their business. Lifecome also provides the powerful safeguard for the healthy development of husbandry industry and the improvement of national living standard. Lifecome stress on both serving customers and its employees. The company respects every staff and always adheres to the employment principle of suitability, willingness, people-oriented and democratic management. Provides a platform for the employees to realize their life values. The steady turnover,favorable corporate governance principle and professional corporate governance system creates sustained steady investment returns for shareholders.

Core Beliefs: Sincerity & Diligence, Innovation & Excellence, Result sharing & Harmonious well-being.
  • Innovation & Excellence
    Consistently pursue the innovation and excellence in quality, technology, management and service, etc.
  • Result sharing
    Result sharing is the basic way for people to live in the society, so is the enterprise. Lifecome will share the high-quality products and reasonable prices with customers, the employees will share their result with the company to get the reward.
  • Harmonious & well-being
    For customers: provide the safe and efficient products and services.
    For shareholders: bring a reasonable return of their investment.
    For employees: give care and inspiration, and establish a fair and healthy work environment.
    For society: implement the energy-saving and emission reduction, green and friendly policy.
    For suppliers and partners: create a win-win and coexisting situation.
  • Sincerity & Diligence
    Always being honest to customers, employees, society and shareholders.
    Carry forward the fine tradition of teamwork, hard working and diligence.
    Work hard; humility and comity; be strict to ourselves but merciful to others.
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